Hash History

A Short History of Hashing

In Kuala Lumpur, before the start of the second world war, a group of bored young accountants living at the Selangor Chambers in Kuala Lumpur needing a way to keep fit after a long days work, hit on the idea of running over a pre-laid paper chase around the rubber and palm oil plantations of Selangor.

To see a very interesting 40 minute video about the history of the Hash House Harriers, check out this link. The video is poor, but the audio is good.

The war came and put a stop to the activities for a time but from these humble beginnings have grown the Hash House Harriers with many hundreds of thousands of runners and thousands of chapters all over the world. For information on running Hashes, check out our links to local running chapters.

Bike Hashing

Bike Hash founding fathers with Barbarian, the Singapore Hash Grand MasterFrom the left: Evan "Barf Balls" Jones, Barbarian, James "Screwdriver" Tay, Peter "Nintendo" Chew Bike Hashing was started in Singapore in July 1989 by James Tay, Evan Jones and Victor Esbensen plus a few other running Hasher's with worn out knees and nothing better to do on a Sunday morning than ride their bikes around town. The first ride started from Evan's house, an old Black & White at 10 Wilton Close.

Evan "Barf Balls" Jones was the first Grand Master of the Bike Hash and Mike "Banjo" Bailey was the first On Sec. Evan has since retired from his post as GM but is still actively involved in biking in the Riau Islands and Batam. Mike was responsible for organising the hash mailing list and getting out those early newsletters. We lost Victor in May 1995 to an unknown disease that he most likely caught while walking around bare foot in the tropical rainforest of Malaysia during a photo and camping expedition.

Bike Hashing soon caught on either as an export or independently started in other countries and in the Region. Chapters now exist all over the world.

Bike Hashing is essentially the same as a running Hash but is conducted on bikes and we do not drink gallons of beer after our rides like on a runing Hash. It is an ideal way for all levels of rider to ride at their own pace over a pre-laid tested trail that finishes back at the start point.

All riders can find their skill level and ride to their maximum ability or simply ride along at the back of the pack following them, knowing full well that the front riders will do all the work and eventually turn around and come back to meet them.

Bike Hashing is probably the ultimate fun use of your mountain bike if one accepts that riding on a bike is hard work and most likely dangerous to boot. It will get you outdoors in all weathers and can take you to places you never new existed!

Your Webmaster

Bike Hash founding fathers with Barbarian, the Singapore Hash Grand MasterYour Webmaster staying true to the Bike Hash even when riding in Germany! Now currently residing in Germany while recuperating from a debilitating illness, your Webmaster has put his trusty Niner in mothballs for a while, swapping it for a Giant Trance E+. This bike weighs a ton compared to the good old Niner, but this one is super fun to ride. The e-bike power makes even the toughest looking hill a breeze. I cn recommend it! But I couldn't do a Hash on it as lifting it over obstacles would be near impossible unless aided by a fellow rider and even then pretty hard work!


Nonetheless, it keeps me riding and in reasonable shape!